serving yourself or serving others

Hebrews 10: 39

But we are not of those who shrink back and are destroyed, but of those who have faith and preserve their souls. 

nba’s upcoming first asian american female coach

make a decision

in faith and see what God does. (7.1.2012)

4 days

"Never take the opportunities before you, or the people that support you for granted. When you invest in others, the universe rewards you tenfold. In 2010, I was right where you are – sitting at home on my computer, feeling like my great ambition was lost. I came across this thread, and shortly after, outlined my war path. Now, in 2012, I’ve accomplished this paradigm shift. So, it is possible? Yes, I’m living proof. Improbable maybe? Sure. But the human spirit is resilient, and at times, even indomitable, so you should like your odds. Are you ready to fight your way through a ****-storm? I’ll see you on the other side. Go." 

note to self: if your dreams dont scare you

they aren’t big enough

Don’t ever tell anybody anything

If you do, you start missing everybody [Catcher in the Rye]

So emo. But true. Ahhh I miss everyone. Who wudda thunk.

got pooped on

by a birdie. on my phillies shirt. at first i was super annoyed but then got excited because i have never been pooped on by a bird before. and apparently in asia it is a sign of good luck.
i am asian. therefore, i will experience good luck in life.